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Aleemee Public School

Great place to educate your children!


Well qualified and experienced staff to ensure proper discipline.



Clean and well-maintained surroundings with safe healthy and happy environment that promotes human dignity.

Academic Standards

Demonstrates improved learner perfomance

About Us

The School was established with the objective to impart quality education ALEEMEE Public School is a co-education school following the prestigious I.C.S.E. Syllabus. Medium of Instruction is English. Hindi, Kannada are offered as second language. The school aims to realize the potential of every child. bring out the talent of the children and make them successful human beings.

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Parent In a Noble Cause


A Public School is a friendly & Caring place where every one work together to ensue the children in our care receive an excellent education.We are firm believers in the Partnership between home & School and seek
Parent’s support through the formative years of the child. We believe for a school to success there need
to be a genuine spirit of Partnership between Students. Parent’s.



Excellency in academics

Personal attention


Safety and security

All round development


Aleemee Public School has been set up keeping in mind the ultimate vision of grooming achievers and leaders of the future. It is a continued effort of the staff of Aleemee Public School, venturing into a formal schooling branch with same love and affection into a competitive educational market.

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